Terms & Conditions


The Company: B4 Meet & Greet Parking
The Customer: The person named in the documentation submitted by the Company confirming the booking.
The Compound: The Company’s premises.
The Personal Travel Assistant: The representative of the Company responsible for looking after the Customer's arrival at, and departure, from the airport, and the transit of their vehicle to and from the relevant B4 Meet & Greet Parking compound.
The Vehicle shall mean the vehicle which is received into the compound and shall include a standard saloon car or smaller, 4x4, MPV and any other mechanical device on wheels or tracks, its equipment and accessories.

Basis of Contract

A contract only exists where the Customer is in possession of a written acknowledgement of the booking from the Company and where good payment has been made for such.
Payment may only be made to the Company (not to any other person whether in the Company's employment or not) by such credit or debit cards accepted by the Company at the time of booking or by other acceptable cleared funds prior to departure.
The Company has the right to make retrospective charges where applicable via the Customer payment card number provided at the time of the original booking. Please refer to the Company’s Surcharge Policy described in clause (n) below for full details.

The provision of our services is carried out solely and entirely on the understanding that the Customer accepts, fully and completely, the Company’s terms and conditions, which also include the cancellation and surcharge policy. The booking confirmation email, which contains the instructions for using the service, also forms part of the Company's terms and conditions. Whilst we provide a high-value service we are nevertheless a low-cost Company and it is important that Customers appreciate when booking, that our terms and conditions are designed to enable us to keep our costs under our own control and within pre-determined limits.

We reserve the right to cancel bookings due to circumstances beyond our control. In such an event we will endeavour to provide affected Customers with reasonable notice so they can make alternative arrangements.
The Company cannot accept liability for any consequential loss arising under any of the terms and conditions set out herein.

The Company's drivers/Personal Travel Assistants are insured to drive Customer vehicles which are worth up to the value of £50,000. Customers with cars worth more than this figure may nevertheless book with the Company but on the strict understanding that the Company is not responsible for any excess when a claim exceeds £50,000.

The Company will only take responsibility for any damage where same is proved and where such damage arose as a result of the Company's neglect, wilful misconduct or default and only where the damage is reported to the Personal Travel Assistant at the time the vehicle is collected on the Customer's return to the airport. Because of variations in Customer arrival and departure times, the Company utilizes the airport short-stay car parks to temporarily accommodate Customers’ vehicles. In such instances, whilst the Company will take all due, reasonable care, the Company cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by third parties to Customer vehicles whilst their vehicle is stored temporarily in such locations.

The Company urges Customers to make sure that not only their vehicle but also any contents, including radio, audio and navigation equipment as well as other valuable items, are fully and properly insured under their own insurance policies. The Company cannot take responsibility for any loss in this regard. The Company will take all reasonable care of Customer vehicles and their contents but the Company cannot accept responsibility for theft either of the vehicle or any of its contents unless the Customer provides proof that it was due to the Company’s neglect or wilful misconduct. The Company urges Customers not to attach other keys or items of value to the car key that they hand over along with their vehicle, as The Company cannot take responsibility for any loss in this regard. Whilst every care will be taken with car keys, in the unlikely event a car key is misplaced or damaged, The Company limits its indemnity for a replacement key to £50.00.

The Company does not accept responsibility for delays incurred during any of our meet & greet valet parking services as a result of factors outside its control such as security alerts or severe airport traffic delays affecting the surrounding infrastructure. In such circumstances, the Company will endeavour to update the Customer regularly via the mobile contact number provided by the Customer when booking. The Company cannot take responsibility where the number provided has changed and not been communicated to the Company. Vehicle Valet Service- The Company reserves the right to cancel and refund a pre-booked vehicle valet service if it deems that the vehicle is in an inappropriate condition for this service.

Cancellation Policy

If a Customer makes a booking and later cancels, a 15% administration charge will apply up to 7 days prior to departure. After that period, a 50% cancellation charge will apply. No refund will be possible for cancellations on departure date or after. If the Company needs to cancel bookings, affected Customers will be refunded in full.

All prices and promotions are subject to change without prior notice at the Company's discretion.
urcharge Policy. The Following Charges Will Apply:

Meet times after 22:00 or before 05:45 will incur a £10 surcharge unless included at the time of booking.

A £10 surcharge will be included in the price quoted for bookings on Good Friday, Easter Monday, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

If a customer extends their parking duration from the dates originally booked extra days will be charged at £10 where the customer does not notify us in advance and £7.50 per day where they do.

Changes advised on the day of travel not previously advised of will incur a charge of £10.

Failure to turn up without notification will incur a charge of £10

Jump starting vehicles which fail to start - £10

The above list is not exhaustive and other charges may apply. However, in such cases the company will endeavour to obtain your approval in advance. Any such recharge (for example if a tyre deflates while you are away and needs repairing/replacing on your behalf) not mentioned above will not exceed £10 unless agreed in advance with the customer.

The customer authorizes B4 Meet & Greet Parking to charge the payment card used when booking for any of the above extra charges should they become applicable. B4 Meet & Greet Parking will advise customers by email when extra charges apply.

The Company's Liability

Movement of Customers' Vehicles - The Company will store your vehicle in our awarded secure compound. When moving your vehicle to our compound, the Company at its sole discretion will endeavour to move customer's vehicles by professional car transporter to avoid incurring additional mileage to the Customers’ vehicle. Vehicles will be fully insured during this process. All members of staff are trained to the highest standards of best care and practice. However, whilst the Company takes every care when driving your vehicle to and from the airport terminal (or between compounds), and when parking it in the relevant secure compound, we have to provide for the possibility that despite those efforts the occasional incident of damage will nevertheless occur. Our drivers are fully insured for damage whilst your vehicle is in transit between the airport terminal and the compounds and during the process of parking your vehicle. In the interests of transparency we must make it clear that we do not take any responsibility, inter alia, for the following caused, or arising, during the process of transit, parking or storage:

Broken windscreens or other glass in vehicles or the like of a type any vehicle would be exposed to when driving on public roads.
Small dents/scratches or the like of a type any vehicle would be exposed to in any car park scenario.
Punctures, deflated tyres or other tyre / wheel damage
Damage caused as a result of acts of nature or chance e.g. damage caused by flying debris from trees or other vehicles
Any other damage beyond our control

The failure of any vehicle for any reason to start or run. In this respect, the Customer will be responsible for any costs incurred by the Company. Furthermore, the Company cannot take responsibility for any delays caused directly or indirectly as a result, and may take such action as it reasonably considers necessary to move the vehicle, if it is causing obstruction and/or access problems for other vehicles in a compound. Further charges may apply in such circumstances.

Security of Vehicles and Contents - The Company provides every Customer with a secure compound in which their vehicle is parked and a secure safe where their car key will be stored. However, the Company cannot accept responsibility for any damage, unless proven to be as result of the Company's negligence and/or wilful misconduct. The Company cannot take responsibility for any loss, by way of theft, of the vehicle or its contents that have not been properly accounted for, unless proven to be as result of the Company's negligence and/or wilful misconduct. . The Company can take no responsibility if a third party uses a Customer’s security password fraudulently and takes possession of the Vehicle, unless proven to be as result of the Company's negligence and/or wilful misconduct.

Claims procedure - The Company will deal efficiently, fairly and professionally with any claims. However, it is a condition of your acceptance of the contract with us that, in the unlikely event of a claim, the Company and/or its insurers have the right to have any or all damage repaired by its own agents and for this purpose the Customer must make the vehicle available to the agents for inspection and repair, and allow the Company or its agents to remove the vehicle from the Customer's possession for this purpose. In the event of a claim, please write to the managing partner of the Company at the address shown above setting out full details of the claim. For the peace of mind of our Customers, we wish to make it clear that any agents used by ourselves or our insurers for this purpose will be fully qualified to insurance standards of work. Where the vehicle is rendered unroadworthy, the Company will not be responsible for the provision of a replacement vehicle unless the Vehicle needs to be away from the Customer for over 3 days. For each additional day the Company’s insurers will provide a basic courtesy vehicle (E.g. Ford Focus type vehicle) subject to their terms and conditions and the Customer will be responsible for its fully comprehensive insurance.

Complaints Procedure - All complaints (which should be distinguished from claims dealt with in (3) above), will be taken very seriously indeed, as they provide us with important, independent feedback from our Customers about our standards of service, prices and general Customer care. For this reason, complaints should be addressed to the managing partner of the Company at the address shown above. Please set out full details of the complaint. Although, of course, we hope that complaints are not necessary, if they do arise, we are committed to resolving them quickly, amicably and to the Customers' complete satisfaction. In the event a complaint is upheld we may also, as a gesture of goodwill, offer a discount for future use of our services where we feel it is appropriate. In this respect the decision of the managing partner is final.

Helpful suggestions or advice - If Customers, whilst not wishing to make a formal claim or complaint, nevertheless observe areas where they feel we can improve our services, we would be grateful if they would advise the Company by writing to the managing partner as in (4) above or telephoning during normal office hours. Any suggestions or advice which the Company finds practical and useful will be rewarded by way of discount against the Customer's next use of the B4 Meet & Greet Parking services Parking. In this respect the decision of the managing partner as to the amount and terms of any discount is final.

The Customer's Liability

The Customer is responsible, inter alia, for ensuring that:

The vehicle used by them is taxed, MOT'd and insured and is also in a roadworthy condition with an adequate amount of fuel. Where the Company considers there may be insufficient fuel, it reserves the right to put a gallon of fuel into the tank and charge this to the Customer’s payment card. N.B. The Company reserves the right to refuse to drive any vehicle which in its absolute discretion it determines to be unroadworthy.

They will indemnify the Company against any fines incurred by the Company as a result of any inadequacies in the above. They are contactable en-route on the dates of their travel on the mobile contact numbers provided when booking. No responsibility will be accepted by the Company for delays or extra charges incurred as result of not being able to contact the Customer on the dates of their travel.

They must follow the procedures for meeting B4 Meet & Greet Parking upon departure and upon returning to the Airport, as detailed in the booking confirmation email. No responsibility will be accepted by the Company for delays or extra charges incurred as result of Customers not adhering to these procedures.

They check that the travel, vehicle and contact details confirmed in the booking confirmation email paperwork is accurate and advise the Customer Care office in writing via email or by sending a text to the main B4 Meet & Greet Parking Operations mobile number before departure date regarding any inaccurate or missing information.

If a Customer’s outbound or return travel dates change, the Customer must give the company (via the operations number) at least 12 hours notice to avoid a potential delay. If general travel details change such as travel times / terminal / vehicle, the Customer must inform the Company via the Customer Care office by email or send a text to the main B4 Meet & Greet Parking mobile number, giving reasonable advance notice of any such changes and on the understanding that emails are accessed Mon-Fri (excluding Bank Holidays) during normal working hours. Responsibility lies with the Customer to confirm acknowledgement & receipt by the Company of any such changes. Charges may apply and result in delays on the day if the Customer does not adhere to this procedure. Certain changes will incur extra charges in accordance with our Surcharge Policy.

Variations of Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions can only be varied in writing by the Company's managing partner.

B4 Meet & Greet Parking, 66A Jubilee Road, Western Super Mare, BS23 3AN